Custom Dry Blending

History and Experience

Whether our customer needs to match an existing product or is looking to develop an innovative new product, HT Griffin Food Ingredients is there to help. HTG has over 40 years of blending experience.
Our expertise is in formulating, ingredient sourcing and blending quality dry products.


HTG offers cheese blends, emulsifiers. seasoning blends, vegetable blends and vitamin mineral blends.

HTG also has a full line of Stabilizer/Emulsifier blends.

StāKrisp™ Stabilizers for deep fried batter applications that maintain consistent particle distribution in all types of coating systems.

StāBake™ Freeze thaw stable stabilizers designed to control moisture and improve refrigerated shelf life in bakery batters. Delivers a tender, moist crumb and improves volume in baked goods.  StaBake also offers a line of glaze and icing stabilizers for various glazing applications.

StāBev™ A stabilizer line designed to provide body and enhance flavor in dairy and non-dairy beverages. Emulsifies ingredients for even particle distribution and works to mask off-flavours in nutrient enriched beverages.

StāFreez™ A range of stabilizing and emulsifying systems designed for ice creams, novelties, sorbets and frozen yogurts. Delivers a smooth creamy texture, exceptional overrun, controls ice crystal formation and heat shock stability. Suitable for UHT and HTST processes.

StāKool™ Stabilizers developed for cultured dairy desserts and liquid egg products. StaKool delivers consistency in mouth feel and reduces syneresis. Stakool maintains protein stability during heat processing.

StāDressed™ Stabilizer systems designed for full flavour and calorie reduced dressings. StaDressed provides stable fat emulsification and consistent particle suspension.

To have one of our experienced representatives do a complete analysis of your ingredient and blending requirements and advise on product or production saving opportunities, please contact us.