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Native to the Americas, Capsicums have been cultivated for thousands of years. The word "capsicum" refers to the dried fruits or peppers that are used in cooking or as supplements. The presence of capsaicin makes them quite hot to the taste, though different varieties will yield varying levels of heat which are determined by the American Spice Trade Association approved testing methods.

Medical Benefits and properties

Capsicums contain 0.1 - 1.5% capsaicin, a substance which has been linked to the stimulation of the circulation and temperature regulation. Applied topically. Capsaicin is the source of the heat capsicums are known for. Capsicums can have antihemorrhoidal, antiseptic, and antirheumatic properties. They are also known to be helpful with digestive, sinus, and stomach issues. Due to its high vitamin C content, capsicum can also help boost the immune system.

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