Who We Are


The food business is a long standing family tradition at HT Griffin. For four generations, the family has been a leader in the Canadian food industry.Over 60 years in the business
Since 1940 the family’s dedication in food products and ingredients has created a strong foundation for a thriving business today.
In the beginning, Harold T Griffin, along with his wife Helen, built the company and guided it through its initial stage of growth.

In 1955, Harold’s nephew James (Jim) Kenney joined the company and under his direction HTG took a major step forward.
The Food Ingredients Division was created and the flagship line of Club des Millionaires canned fish was expanded.

With his science background and experience in the food business, Jim brought a new dimension to the company. HTG became one of the first importers of dehydrated vegetables to the Canadian market.

In true family tradition, Jim’s oldest son Bruce Kenney joined the firm in 1972 and guided HTG though retail product expansion and major ingredient acquisition in 1988.

As president, Bruce now presides over company activity, including retail and corporate affairs.
After practicing law for 15 years, Bruce’s brother Grant Kenney joined HTG and is now President of the Industrial Ingredients division.Friendly & Reliable Customer Service


 Customer service is one aspect of our business of which we are most proud.

We carefully track orders from the point of dispatch until arrival at the destination, offering you the complete package and an end to end managed system.

Quick turn around times for products, documents and pricing or the personal service of one of our accounts managers is what sets us apart from the rest.

Warehouse, Packing and Shipping

Goods from all around the world are received and inspected, tested and stocked in our centrally located warehouse and distribution centre.

 We have a range of hand picked logistic companies and warehouses which enable us to move goods by road, sea and air, depending on your urgency.

 In order to comply with the latest food safety standards, HT Griffin Food Ingredients warehouse is equipped with numerous safety measures ensuring all critical points are tested and cleared so that the very best is delivered to you.

Community Involvement

At HTG, community involvement is a long-standing corporate objective.

For more than 20 years, our company and its employees have contributed efforts and money towards improving the lives of our community and its members.

Every year, funds are raised through various social club activities, events, raffles and donations. The money raised goes to a family selected through Big Brothers Big Sisters programmes.
By providing them much needed gifts and food for the Holiday season, we try to bring a little more joy and hope to those in need.

Another aspect of HTG’s community involvement is regular donations to local food banks. Our regular contributions of food and food ingredients help the fight to end hunger in our community.